Breastfeeding Relief with Bethany

Why Breastfeeding is so difficult for Mama & Baby??

"We're 5 months into our breastfeeding journey! I couldn't have done it without your support! Your program is amazing and so were your printouts, I am greatful I found you when I needed it the most!
- Magda

I help breastfeeding mamas work out their struggle with latching and nursing pain so they can exclusively breastfeed their babies.

About Bethany

I’m Bethany Lovern, a Mama of 2 boys.  My second son was born with a tongue and lip-tie that nobody caught at the hospital.  I went home with a baby that was clicking while nursing and popping off my breast often.  

I went from running a team of 60 therapists that needed me 24/7 to a brand new baby that needed me. I felt lost that my phone no longer rang all day and my emails were not full. Personally, I cried most of the day when my husband was at work and needed to find a new community. 

Emergency 911 Lactation Support

What if you could have Emergency 911 lactation access to me so you can have more peace of mind, all your questions answered and unlimited support?

Send your questions by text, pictures or audio recordings and get answer quicker than waiting on someone in your Dr office to call you back!

Most Mamas always have questions at 2 AM….

~ Is my baby getting enough to eat?

~ How do I deal with a clogged duct?

~ What can I do to increase my breastmilk?

You are not alone!  Most Mamas feel this way and never reach out for help!

I am here to listen and help!