Four Granola Bars

7 Types of Easy Snacks to Increase your Breastmilk

A list of 7 different types of easy snacks to have at home instead of eating junk food. These will help to increase breastmilk and increase protein and fiber into your diet.

I still remember being so hungry all the time while nursing my babies. Next to my rocking chair, I would keep a stash of snacks at all times. Were they all healthy? Absolutely not! But a Mama does need to have a treat once in a while. I always did have a granola bar in my snack caddy, purse, pantry and car. They travel so easy!  But let me share with you a few other things that also travel well, plus are high in protein and fiber.

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Whisp Cheese Crisps

These little chips have 13 grams of protein, 1 carb (if on Keto), are gluten free and low-carb. These are awesome for a Mama that wants a chip but knows they need more protein since we are hungry all the time.

Cheese Whisp cracker on a wooden blue board.

Kind Bars: Granola Bars

Grab one of the KIND bars that has almond, which support lactation and increase milk production.  KIND Bars are always sweet, salty and a good source of protein and fiber (all things a new mama needs in a snack). Try out the many different flavors. My favorite kind of KIND bars are: dark chocolate, cranberries, coconut, carmel, cherries, and peanut butter to name a few.

Four Granola Bars with loose oats around it with a pink background.

Crunchy Chickpeas

This snack will also satisfy your need to crunch like a chip. They are salty, savory, have fiber and full of protein. All good things for new nursing Mamas. My favorite kind is BBQ but they come in all flavors from sea salt to sea salt and cracked pepper.

Chickpea in a wooden spoon.

Apples & String Cheese

Pair both of these together for fiber and protein (do you see the trend now?). Apples and cheese are easy to take with you to the park or just have in my purse during a shopping trip.

Red and yellow apples in a wicker basket.


Bananas are so easy to have on hand or have someone pick you up from the grocery store. Almost everyone has bananas at home, sitting on the counter.  It is easy to ask a friend, do you mind if I have a banana?

Bananas sliced in a white bowl next to a full banana on a green placemat.

Yogurt and Your Favorite Berry

It is so easy to grab a yogurt cup and toss in a few berries. I love to mix it up and keep different frozen berries in my freezer (In another blog post, I will touch on smoothies!) This treat is high in protein and high fiber, which will help a breastfeeding Mama.

A bunch of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries mixed together.

Hard Boiled Egg

A wonderful protein that is easy to premake for the week and have a whole bunch in your fridge. I boiled a whole carton of eggs and kept it in the fridge for a week. It is an easy go-to, that is low-fat, inexpensive protein and helps with infant brain development and is wonderful for nursing Mamas.

Hard Boil Egg sitting next to a hard boiled egg cut in half on wood planks.

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