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Behind the Tongue-tie

I am Bethany Lovern, a wife, Mama of two boys, Lactation Consultant, Speech Therapist in nursing homes and schools.  After spending 6 years in the nursing home, I decided to stay-at-home with our first born son.  I absolutely love being a stay-at-home.  We then found out we were expecting our second son.  Our two boys, would be 16 months apart and the best of friends.  

My first breastfeeding journey was pretty simple.  Of course as a first time Mama, you question everything.  I went and saw a lactation consultant a few times to have weighted feeding because I was not sure he was getting enough milk since I could not measure my milk such as with bottles.  My greatest joy was joining a breastfeeding group that meets weekly.  This group was so good to interact with other Mamas in the same season of life.

Our second baby boy was so excited to enter the world that he was here within 4 hours after my contractions started at 4 am.  He latched right away but I was in so much pain; however, I did not remember it being so painful.  I thought, I must have forgotten all the pain just like childbirth.  However, every time the lactation consultant came to visit in the hospital my baby was out of the room (we only stayed for 30 hours).  Not once did anybody do an oral exam in his mouth to check his tongue or lip.  Life only got harder once we got home from the hospital.  I was sure there was an issue with a tongue or lip-tie.  After my mother pushed me into the car with my brand new baby.  She drove me to my lactation consultation, who said I cannot diagnose but YES you need to go see a Pediatric dentist tomorrow.  

Come along the journey with me that changed my life as a Mama and Speech Therapist.  This journey led me to become a lactation consultant myself during the middle of the night studying while breastfeeding my son to help other Mamas.  It has led me to leave working in nursing homes to help breastfeeding mamas work out their struggle with latching and nursing pain so they can exclusively breastfeed their babies.

No Matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better.

- Unknown



National Certification for Speech Language Pathologist

Feed The Peds

A 12-week course focusing on foundational development of children from birth through 3 years old to address feeding and swallowing issues.


Is a trained consultant that has 95 hours of continuing education working with Mamas and baby to help facilitate breastfeeding.

Ace Award for Continuing Education

The ACE is a formal recognition of professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to lifelong learning by earning 7.0 ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) (equivalent to 70 contact hours) within a 36-month period.

VitalStim Certified

The VitalStim® Therapy System is a non-invasive therapy to help swallowing through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).  Interactive therapy allows patients to receive visual and audible feedback leading to enhanced patient engagement during swallowing exercises.

Tethered Oral Tissue Specality Training

Training on tongue-tie with the E-3 Model of care

Illinois Speech-Language Pathology License

Communication Disorders: Educators License

Indiana Speech Language Pathologist