A Baby & a Four-Legged Baby I Didn’t Breastfeed (with Alegre Ramos) Episode 5

Bethany Lovern

May 11, 2023

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In this episode, I have Alegre Ramos, a mother to one daughter.  She discusses breastfeeding to 3 years old to help with giving a few extra vitamins.  We discuss how a zoo keeper helped show an orangutan how to breastfeed her baby.

About Alegre

Alegre Ramos is passionate about leaving a positive impact by inspiring people to live happier, healthier, and more connected lives.

Alegre has a diverse background including degrees in anthropology and business, and experience in sustainable design. An award-winning public speaker, she has over thirty-five years of experience in public-speaking and almost twenty years as an entrepreneur.


  • 0:00 Introduction of the podcast
  • 0:18 About Alegre’s
  • :50 Talked about her breastfeeding journey for 3 years
  • 5:25 Talked about why she breastfeed till her daughter was 3 years old
  • 13:30: What is something that helped make breastfeeding easier
  • 16:34 Final Thoughts: Perfect outfit to breastfeed in


“Don’t read the book, read the baby.”

“I walked the road less traveled.”

“I am granola on the inside.”

“You just need to trust yourself.”

“The average age for weaning around the world is 4 years old.”

“It is best too breastfeed until the first tooth erupts.”

“It hurts at first too breastfeed but you need to be committed.”

Zoo Keeper Teaches How to Breastfeed


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