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Are Tongue Ties Real?

YES, a tongue-tie is real; when the baby’s tongue tissues or membrane connecting to the bottom of the mouth is too thick, too short, or malformed. The fancy word for a tongue tie is Ankyloglossia but we will just say tongue tie.

What Causes Tongue Ties?

When your baby is developing in your belly the connection between the front of the tongue and the floor of the mouth goes away. This does not happen on all babies and the tissue will stay attached causing a tongue tie. Mama this is not your fault. Let me say it again for the Mama that feels all the burden on her shoulders! THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! I have been there on the floor crying because my baby is not eating well and his tongue looks like a heart shape.

Did you know tongue ties are seen more in boys than in girls? It also runs in families, that includes my family. If one of your children has had a tongue time, speak up when your next baby is born to start looking for a tongue tie day 1.

Will you see issues with Breastfeeding?

YES, if the babies’ tongue can not move up enough the mother will see that the baby is not getting a good enough latch. Therefore, YES you will start to see some feeding issues.

  • Poor latch
  • Popping off the breast frequently
  • Noticeable clicking noise while nursing
  • Burped more frequently
  • Colic
  • Not getting enough milk and feeding often
  • Slow weight gain, lack of weight gain, 1% on the weight chart


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How can a tongue tie affect my child?

There are many different ways a tongue tie can affect your baby and even children when it goes unnoticed. As a Speech Language Pathologist, ASHA has a few things to say when it connects to speech.

  • Speech Problems on certain sounds (d, l, t, th, r, etc.) 
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Problems eating
  • Licking their lips
  • Playing a wind instruments
  • Moving their tongue to eat a ice cream cone or sucker

Who can treat a tongue tie?

A dental office who specializes in tongue and lip ties or an ENT can take care of this for you. The procedure can be done in their office, called a frenectomy. The procedure will be done with either a laser or surgically. This is a fast, 90-second procedure by laser that releases the tension.

What is the best way to feed my baby?

Mama, you can still breastfeed your baby! If you or your pediatrician is concerned about weight, here are a few suggestions. After you breastfeed, give a bottle of pumped milk. You can give formula from a store. You can do both if you are stressed and not producing enough milk. Any of these solutions work until the tongue tie is revised, and you can go back to exclusively breastfeeding if that is your choice. Remember to pump each time that baby eats if using formula to make sure to keep up your milk supply.

If you want to only breastfeed, here are a few tips. Pump a little first to make sure your breasts are not hard and the baby is able to get a better latch. Try different positioning techniques for the baby to get closer to your breast.

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This is my child! Now what?

A tongue tie can make your nursing journey challenging at first. You might have just checked a lot of boxes off from my freebie saying that is my baby. A tongue tie isn’t hard to identify and is simple to treat with the help of your pediatrician, a dentist, and myself, a lactation consultant and speech therapist.

Remember, your breastfeeding journey is not supposed to have you in pain and crying everyday. Schedule an appointment with me, to help you on your road to exclusively breastfeeding your baby pain free.


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