Podcast Episode 1: Breastfeeding Relief with Bethany

Bethany’s Journey: Episode 1

New moms face a steep learning curve when it comes to the ins and outs of motherhood. What does a mom-to-be need to know to make her journey easier? Bethany shares her journey of how she navigated the highs and lows of breastfeeding with her two children, and the lessons she learned about motherhood along the way. From the importance of setting realistic expectations to following your own instincts as a parent, Bethany’s candid story of two very different breastfeeding journeys will give new moms the confidence to trust their own experience — and know they are not alone.

Bethany Lovern

April 27, 2023

Blogging, Podcasts

In this episode, Bethany shares her journey of becoming a Mom for the first time.  She talks about her two very different breastfeeding journeys.  How you can work 1:1 with Bethany to help you through your breastfeeding journey.

Episode 1

About Bethany

I am a Mama of 2 boys. My second son was born with a tongue tie that nobody caught at the hospital. I went home with a baby that was clicking while nursing and popping off my breast often. He could not get a deep latch. He snored every night, waking me up multiple times a night. Constantly, he was spitting up all the time and hiccuping in between all feedings. I was so tired with engorged breasts and feeding my baby every hour. However, I knew this was not normal because my first baby did not have any of these problems.


0-:18 Intro

:18- 4:10 Journey to becoming a Mama

4:10- 5:25 1st Breastfeeding Journey was easy

5:25- 6:40 Pregnancy with out second baby

6:40- 8:30 2nd Breastfeeding Journey was painful

8:30- 9:45 Saw a Lactation consultant

9:45- 12:40 Our son gets his tongue-tie released on day 4

12:40-13:25 How I ended my breastfeeding journeys

13:25- 16:15 Work with you 1:1

16:15 END


“I am here to help you discover that not all journeys are the same through this podcast.”

“My doula helped me but she was such a great advocate and knew what was going on, what was going to happen through the whole process and helped with breastfeeding.”

“I hope you mamas can find a group of mamas to have a community around you. It is absolutely amazing.”


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