Reflux was Probably Related to having a Tongue-Tie (with Caitlin) Episode 17

When it comes to having babies, no two journeys are the same. Many parents experience a wide range of surprises including reflux when it comes to feeding their newborns, but breastfeeding can come with its own unique set of challenges. In this episode, Bethany and Caitlin share their respective experiences in breastfeeding their children and the common breastfeeding issues, such as tongue and lip-ties, that may arise. As they emphasize, it is important to work with a team of professionals in order to manage these troubles and enable the best possible outcome for mother and baby. Discover how to handle potential breastfeeding hurdles with confidence and knowledge, and why Bethany and Caitlin prescribe a team approach for any breastfeeding issue.

Bethany Lovern

August 3, 2023

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In this episode, Bethany and Caitlin discussed the differences in their breastfeeding journeys and the potential challenges that can arise from tongue and lip-ties in children. They also emphasized the importance of seeking a team approach with professionals such as pediatric dentists, chiropractors, lactation consultants, and speech therapists to address these issues effectively.

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About Caitlin

Caity Fargo is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Little Bean Sleep Co. Caity is mom to two year old Liam and baby Madeleine. After a complicated reflux diagnosis and months of a fussy overtired baby, Caity began a deep dive into the world of infant sleep and fell in love with the idea of helping other families find quality rest for the entire household.


  • Introduction of the podcast
  • Tells us about her Kiddos
  • How her breastfeeding journey is going
  • What has made breastfeeding more easy
  • Favorite Breastfeeding product: Breastfeeding Pillow
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“We knew it wasn’t a supply thing.  I was just spraying milk everywhere.”

“I actually think that her reflux was probably related to having a tongue-tie.”

“We saw a speech pathologist because even with her bottles, she would take the bottle and would just spill all over her face.”

“We still have not addressed the lip & tongue-tie.”

“They’re made up of the same DNA, both children, but yet they are all completely different.”

“I wish I would have known that breastfeeding was not easy.”


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