Eva’s Cala Wearable Manual Breast Pump Episode 18

Bethany Lovern

August 10, 2023

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In this episode, Eva and Bethany had a conversation about their breastfeeding journeys and Eva’s innovative breast pump.  Eva and her husband discovered that breast pumps did not effectively mimic the complex motion of infant suckling, leading them to embark on a research and development project to create a pump that accurately replicated suckling. With the support of the University of Goaway, they were able to delve into the details and create a pump that not only looked like suckling but also replicated all the functionalities, providing a solution for breastfeeding mothers.  They successfully created a working product and launched a Kickstarter campaign for moms to purchase the Cala manual variable pump.

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About Eva


  • What was your BF journey? 
  • How is this cala wearable manual breast pump different from a regular pump
  • Talks about how you figured out baby suckling with the breast pump.
  • What are mama’s next steps to purchase the pump?


“The breastpump mentions suckling .”

“This is a wearable manual pump.”

“You do not need different flange sizes.”  

“5 Actions to mimic the tongue: latch, compression, positioning, vacuum, sequencing.”


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