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How my Emotions made me Lose my Breastmilk Supply

YES, STRESS can decrease your milk dramatically. 

When looking at lack of sleep, a new schedule of not sleeping through the night and trying to take care of a small human. Then worrying if you are making enough milk will lower your milk supply. Plus to add in your body’s hormones are changing so much after having a baby.

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What Hormones will affect my milk?

Cortisol is a huge factor after giving birth that will affect your breastmilk. 

This hormone is in every organ and tissue in your body. It is known for regulating your body’s stress response aka having a new baby or worrying about making enough breast milk. It helps with suppressing inflammation, regulating blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, and helping to control your sleep-wake cycles. All of these are off after having a baby.

Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone.” There are three main types of stress:

●  Acute stress: sudden danger or a short period of time, avoid a car accident

●  Chronic Stress (long-term) ongoing situations that cause frustration or anxiety. Having a new baby can be long-term stress. My mother says she never stops worrying about me.

●  Traumatic Stress: when you experience a life-threatening event that induces fear and a feeling of helplessness. For example: a traumatic birth where you were rushed into an emergency C-section.

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Does Crying Affect Breast Milk supply?

YES, it does affect your breast milk. 

I remember a time I was so upset and tried to pump when I was away from my baby. I had not pumped in 3 hours and only pumped an ounce out of two breasts instead of 5 ounces from each breast because I was so upset.

Your body will need to release oxytocin to help with your milk production of a let-down. When your milk does not flow freely, it messes with how much milk you will release for your baby. Then you started to stress about not making enough milk and producing less milk. Therefore, it is this horrible cycle of being stressed, crying, and producing less milk.

How to help with Oxytocin let-down?

Below is a list of helpful things to increase your oxytocin levels to help with a let-down:

●  Warmth: The Breastfeeding comfort pack of two from LaVie or their Lactation Massager that massages and warms is so helpful. However, if you do not have this on hand at 2 am, you can fill a sock with rice and warm it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Make sure it is not too hot to the touch for your breast.

●  Music or white noise that will make you relax along with a dark room and shut your eyes. I know this sounds easier but is not always easy with a new baby.

●  Touch you can have your baby lay on you for a few minutes before you start pumping. Or you can pump one breast while your baby breastfeeds from the other breast.

●  Scent The smell of your baby is always helpful or take a blanket with you to work. Taking the blanket and having it on my shoulder was always helpful while at work. You can check out my other blog on essential oils with lavender.

●  Laughter I feel the best way to laugh is to watch something that is funny to you. I personally will turn on Friends to laugh at Joey or the Office to laugh at Michael Scott.

My old lactation consultant used to swear by going into a dark room and turning on episodes of your favorite funny show to help you laugh. Cover your pump with a blanket so you cannot know how much or how little milk you have pumped. Just relax, have a snack, a drink of water, and your favorite show (my go-to was friends or the office). It did the trick for me and it should help you too!

What negatively affects breastfeeding?

  1. Breast reduction
  2. Breast implants
  3. Breast Cancer
  4. Postpartum Hemorrhage
  5. Hypothyroidism
  6. Work and stress
  7. Medications and Supplements

If you have any questions about medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding, here is a wonderful hotline to call and speak to a nurse. Please call the National Office on Women’s Health Helpline open Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 PM EST in English and Spanish at 800-994-9662. A second hotline to call is Infant Risk Center Helpline open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST in English only.

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Ebook Cover: How to deal with pain while  - How My Emotions Made Me Lose My Breastmilk Supply

Final Thoughts….

Having a brand new baby is hard and stressful. My best advice is remember supply and demand, an empty breast will make more milk. Try to fall into a new routine as best you can. It’s ok to let someone else vacuum your house or fold your laundry a different way then you do. It is hard to let go but let others help when they offer. Taking these things off of your mental to-do list will reduce your stress.  Especially if it is for you to take a nap!!


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How My Emotions Made Me Lose My Breastmilk Supply