Hydration is Key (with Jenn) Episode 16

Beginning to breastfeed can be an intimidating experience for many new parents. Juggling everyday life and the demands of a newborn is challenging for any mom, let alone one who is an entrepreneur. In this podcast, Jenn shares her personal story of how she successfully navigated breastfeeding her two children by relying on her determination, while adjusting her diet to meet her children’s needs. Jenn will explain how she devised a strategy that helped her overcome obstacles with her first child and learn to navigate the fast metabolism of her second child. With her story, Jenn encourages new moms to never give up and highlights the importance of proper nutrition and hydration while breastfeeding. Tune in to find out how Jenn achieved success with her breastfeeding journey.

Bethany Lovern

July 27, 2023

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In this episode, Jenn discusses her breastfeeding journey with her two children, mentioning the challenges she faced with her first child and the fast metabolism of her second child.  She also talked about her determination to fight for breastfeeding and her efforts to ensure proper feeding despite being a busy entrepreneur.

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About Jenn

Jennifer Lathrop is an Ace Certified Personal trainer with 10+ yrs of experience. Jenn helps pregnant and postpartum women stay active by working out in a safe and effective way. 

Jenn teaches and supports moms to have a healthy body for mom and baby with a positive mindset during pre- and post-pregnancy.


  • 0:00 Introduction of the podcast
  • 0:49 Tells us about her Kiddos
  • 1:12 How her breastfeeding journey is going
  • 6:25 What has made breastfeeding more easy
  • 14:05 Favorite Breastfeeding product: Flange inserts
  • 16:10 Connect with Jenn


“I enjoy taking him away where we have our own space, or not sitting in the living room where everyone’s running around, and he’s getting distracted.”

“I think as much as I had you did, it still wasn’t enough. Even now I’ve really incorporated Coconut water so I try to have at least two liters of coconut water mixed in with my like four liters of water I drink a day so I drink.”

“She says every morning she makes sure she has oats of some sort or a breakfast or something like high protein, high carb, and then her hydration has been key.”

“I am tired of hearing about hydration. It’s so important.”

“One thing I always say is that taking care of ourselves isn’t always something that’s easy or something that we want to be doing or something.”

“I often throw oats in a smoothie too in the morning.”


Connect with Jenn

Social: Instagram @jenniferlathrop


Website: https://www.jennlathrop.com/

Podcast: The Healthy Mom Academy

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