Balancing Motherhood and Self-care (with Katie) Episode 8

As a new mom, Katie wanted to make sure that she was doing the best for her new baby. But little did she know, the all-in commitment of breastfeeding and the importance of finding the right support and services could be a game changer. Despite her best efforts, Katie found herself facing challenges she was unprepared for and without the needed resources or support. If only she had known the power of breastfeeding and the critical role support of a lactation consultant can play. In this podcast, we’ll look at Katie’s story, explore motherhood, the remarkable benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child, uncover the vital role support and services have in overcoming breastfeeding challenges, and provide easy-to-follow tips for finding useful resources that will ensure a successful breastfeeding journey.

Bethany Lovern

June 1, 2023

Blogging, Podcasts

In this episode, Bethany and Katie discussed their experiences with breastfeeding and the lack of support and resources available for new moms. They wished they had known more about the all-in commitment of breastfeeding and the importance of finding the right support and services.

About Katie

Katie is a mom of 4 boys ages 1.5-8.5. She and her family live in New Jersey, where she juggles motherhood with her many other passions. She owns,, and is also a certified yoga instructor. She is passionate about building community and support circles and loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts on the law of attraction, astrology and all elements of health and wellness. Come follow Katie’s life on Instagram @queenoftheswains ✨


  • 0:00 Introduction of the podcast
  • :35 Talks about being a Mama of 4 boys
  • 1:25 Talks about her breastfeeding journeys
  • 3:30 What is something you wish you would have known about breastfeeding
  • 12:30 Her favorite breastfeeding products
  • 14:00 How to connect with Katie


“Nobody ever said to me, you know, the goal is to wean a nipple shield.”

“You feel they throw a baby at you and say ‘Good Luck.'”

“It is good to blend the world wide information.”

“We are all hangry.”

“I used a haakaa to catch my over flow.”

“I loved the boppi pillow to feed.”


Connect with Katie

Instagram: @queenoftheswains


Need Exclusively Pumping Help: @PumpwithPurpose

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