Twin girls (with Kristy) Episode 14

Motherhood can be a roller coaster of emotions, but for mothers of multiples, it can be a double dose of feelings. Nursing twin girls at once can be especially daunting, and many parents of multiples grapple with how to navigate this journey. In this episode, podcast hosts Bethany and Kristy dive into Kristy’s experience of breastfeeding her twins. Through Kristy’s personal story, she and Bethany discuss the importance of a supportive partner, connecting with other mothers of multiples, and what natural latching looks like, as well as the pressure and guilt mothers can experience while breastfeeding. With the help of a lactation consultant, Kristy was able to learn how to prepare for breastfeeding and successfully nurse both of her baby girls. vListen in as Bethany and Kristy share Kristy’s story and offer insight into raising multiples as well as embracing formula supplementation.

Bethany Lovern

July 13, 2023

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In this episode, Bethany and Kristy discussed Kristy’s breastfeeding journey with her twins. Kristy was fortunate to have a lactation consultant who helped her prepare for breastfeeding and encouraged natural latching, but the hospital staff had a more clinical approach and did not follow Kristy’s desires.  Kristy shared how connecting with other mothers of multiples and giving herself permission to use formula for one feed helped alleviate the pressure and guilt around breastfeeding. Bethany emphasized the importance of asking for help from one’s partner and taking care of oneself.

About Kristy

I’m a Registered Psychologist and qualified Therapeutic Horticulture Practitioner with a passion for rewilding our health and healthcare (bringing in the wild things).

I have a deep interest for how food, nutrition, lifestyle and nature can support a person’s emotional health to thrive and be a powerful portal towards greater wellbeing and happiness.

When I’m not supporting my clients or running trainings or group programs, you can find me with my hands in the soil, preparing a nourishing meal for my family in the kitchen (using freshly picked produce from our garden!) and soaking up the quiet serenity at my hinterland property.


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“Giving myself permission just to do one feed with formula at that really difficult time where we’re all tired, we’re all grizzly.”

I was very, very lucky to find a lactation consultant who had twins.”

“not just about looking after the little ones, but looking after mum through that breastfeeding journey as well.”

“I’d lost a lot of blood through the C-section, to not get up through the night, to use the midwives or the nurses if the babies were calling out to get them to bring them over for breastfeeding.  And I would call for the nurses to come when they were crying. And they were so annoyed that I was calling them to pass the babies over.   You could feel it, you could see it. There was a lot of frustration in those nurses. They wanted me to just get up and do the thing.”

“I think about that time and I wish I had a strong advocate to empower me to be able to ask for what I needed and to feel confident that that was the right thing to do.”

“I had two at the same time, the same room, the same environment and I had two really different children with different sensitivities and needs.”

“For me, for twins, it was having a chair that was wide. So really wide enough to be able to fit both babies.  My back felt really supported and I could put my feet up. That was the bomb. We still have that chair, they’re nine years old now and they sort of still fit in it.

“In my journey of breastfeeding is that, especially as a mum of multiples, that I connected with in Australia, we have what’s called the multiple mum’s birth association.”


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