Give Your New Mama A Subscription Box

Love On Your New Mamas With a Subscription Box

Four weeks after my baby was born it was my birthday. I did not want anything for my birthday. New clothes were not something that I wanted, because I didn’t only want to be able to fit in them for a short time. Perfumes would be nice, but I was going to be leaving the house anytime soon. I didn’t need any new lingerie and I was not even cleared to have sex and I didn’t want sex at that time. Thinking long and hard, I finally settled on a subscription box. I was finally excited about a surprise that I would not have purchased myself but secretly wanted. A subscription box for the mom is the perfect surprise for the mom in your life or even a nice way to treat yourself.

Here is a list of a few of my top picks for subscription boxes. All of them you can purchase just once or make her feel special for a whole year. All of the boxes are great for Birthdays, Christmas, Baby showers, Mother’s Day, etc.

Subscription Box for Mom

1. FitFabFun Subscription Box

FitFabFun is a subscription box that comes quarterly with the latest in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness. Each box has anywhere from 8-10 full-size premium products that are customizable each season or you can keep the whole box a surprise.

If you choose to buy just one box you can hand pick 3 of their items.  If you choose to be an annual subscriber you can pick an additional 2 items out of the 8 total. I found that each box has an additional surprise such as drink packets from Liquid IV or a Kind bar.

As a new mama, you will not have to worry about picking the right size of clothing. You only have to pick out items that are more on size fits all, like slippers, scarves, blankets, beanie hats for the winter, or robes which every new mama needs.

A one-time box is $59.99; however, if you buy for a full year it is only $54.99 a month which means it is only $7 for each full-sized item. The total of the whole box is around $300 for all the products at full price.

FitFabFun Subscription Box

2. Breastfeeding Subscription Box by Milk Buds

Milk Buds has a Certified Lactation Counselor who puts together these boxes with 4-6 items to help you on your breastfeeding journey. The December box includes: Lavie Lactation massager (which is great to help with let downs and clogged ducts), Boobie Body Superfood Shakes, crafty Lady Boutique milk Mama cup, A “Dear Santa, You Can Have The Cookies, But The Milk Is Mine” onesie, breastfeeding 2022 ornament.

Here is how to pick your box: 1 month: $49.99 a box, 3 months: $45.00 a box, or 6 months: $39.99 per box. They say their most popular box is the 3-month box. When you are personalizing your box you select what month you are on your breastfeeding journey, the shirt size for Mama, and onesie size for baby. It looks like some months you get cute onesies for your baby and other months something special for you. Your first box will ship within 7 days of the order and then on the 5th for every month after that.

Milk Buds Subscription Box

3. Peace, Love & Breastmilk

The Peace, Love & Breastmilk box is created by a nursing mother of 5 years who is also a certified lactation consultant (CLC) and Mental Health Professional (LCSW) who specialized in maternal mental health. This company is a Black women-owned business. Each box will come with 5 items of affirmation cards, lactation bars/ cookies, nursing covers, water bottles, bath bombs, body butter, and homemade soaps.

Here is how to pick your box: 1 month: at $39.99 a box, or 3 months at $35.99 per box, their most popular box. They ask for the Mamas shirt size and how old your baby is that is nursing. They ship on the 5th day of each month with an email sent to track your box.

 Peace, Love & Breastmilk Subscription Box

4. Crunchy Mama Box

Crunchy Mama Box is created for mamas but not just nursing Mamas. Do not be looking for their snack to increase your milk supply. The company does not say specifically how many items come in a box but from the pictures, it looks like around 10 items. They pride themselves on being eco-friendly and sustainable, natural & organic, meditation, and wellness, self-care, body, and mind. They state all the boxes you will find products made by women-owned, small, and eco-friendly businesses that make clean, healthy products and are motivated by a cause.

This is the least expensive box for only: 1 month for $15 per box. This subscription renews on the 11th of every month and an email is sent to remind you if you want to cancel.

Crunchy Mama Box Subscription

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Ebook Cover: How to deal with pain while  - How My Emotions Made Me Lose My Breastmilk Supply

5. The Breastfeeding Box by Agni

The Breastfeeding Box is made to specifically help increase your breastmilk supply. It comes with 3 boxes of cookies and a box of tea. The ingredients on both are to help with digestion, breastmilk supply, restful sleep, immune health, and hormone balance. When you are done breastfeeding, you can switch over to their Women’s health box.

You can purchase a single box for $65 a month or subscribe every 4 weeks for $55.25 until your breastfeeding journey is over.

The Breastfeeding Box Subscription

6. Mother Snacker

As a new mama, you are always hungry so it would be nice to always have a surprise treat coming to the house. Mother Snacker provides 5-7 artisan treats and unique everyday essentials from women-owned, small businesses that have a brand with a social cause. I know every mama will love a gold mask and shea butter lotion while eating her salted caramel chocolates.

A one-time box is $64 a month, 3 months is $59 a month (most popular), and 6 months is $57 or 12 months for $52.00 a box. All boxes ship free therefore the high price of the boxes is a little easier to take.  But who really wants to look at how much shipping costs these days? Orders ship out on the 8th of the month.

Mother Snacker Box Subscription

7. The Breastfeeding Support Box

The Breastfeeding Support Box is a fantastic starter box for a new breastfeeding Mama. The box is to help with latching, transferring milk, supply issues, nipple pain, encouragement, plugged ducts, and mastitis. There are no surprises in this box and it tells you what is in this box specifically: Latch baby: an illustrated guide to breastfeeding success, Medela tender Gel Hydrogels, Mother love nipple care, Haakaa Manual breast pump, Agni lactation cookies, Nourisher lactation bars, Kindred bravely breast pads.

This is the most expensive box I have found but you only buy it once for $99  with extra for shipping. It is a great starter box for a brand-new breastfeeding mama.

The Breastfeeding Support Box

8. Cater to Mom

Cater to Mom is an awesome postpartum box that you will receive 6 to 8 curated items filled with postpartum essentials. The box comes with aid in recovery, bath and beauty products, teas, healthy snacks, self-care tips, postpartum care resources, and more. I love that you get to make a few personalizations: your due date or months postpartum, C-section or natural birth, feeding plan, and any dietary restrictions. Cater to Mom prides itself on all items being organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free to promote health and wellness for postpartum moms.

A one-time box is $43.99 a month, 3 months is $41.79 a month (most popular), and 6 months is $39.59 or 12 months for $37.39 a box. All boxes ship free.  Orders ship out on the 18th of the month and renew monthly on the 30th.

I hope the Mama in your life will enjoy one of these boxes. You will find breastfeeding boxes, snacks, and beauty care for the new mama. Get a subscription box for the mom in your life and she will enjoy any of the boxes and love the surprise when it shows up on their doorstep for any occasion.

Cater To Mom Box


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