Podcast: Episode 9: Amanda

Nursing Can Cause a Lot of Anxiety (with Amanda) Episode 9

For new mothers, the stress of post-pregnancy life can be overwhelming. Whether dealing with the anxiety of breastfeeding, managing appointments with a midwife, or just finding time to bond with their newborn, this transition period is filled with a daunting set of challenges.

Amanda is living proof that postpartum stress can be overcome. After experiencing anxiety and panic attacks every 45 minutes while nursing, Amanda was able to conquer her fear, build her mental resolve, and get the support she needed from her midwife to finally experience true balance and contentment. In this podcast, you’ll learn about Amanda’s inspiring journey and how you can find resolve of your own. We’ll cover how Amanda managed her mental health, the solutions that worked for her, and the essential support she needed.

Bethany Lovern

June 8, 2023

Blogging, Podcasts

In this episode, Bethany and Amanda discussed their experiences with nursing-induced anxiety after giving birth. Amanda shared that she struggled with anxiety and panic attacks every 45 minutes while nursing, but was able to overcome it through mental resolve and support from her midwife. Bethany emphasized the importance of reaching out for help and finding support from other moms going through similar experiences.

About Amanda

Amanda Schenkenberger helps homeschool mamas like you create a schedule, calm the chaos, and repair your relationship with your kids so that you can experience joyful connection and rigorous academics at the same time. She shares her practical, life-giving approach to homeschooling inside her Heart Smart Homeschool Moms community where she coaches other mamas who are ready to finally catch their breath and flourish at home education.


  • 0:00 Introduction of the podcast
  • 0:18 Meet Amanda
  • 0:58 About Amanda Journey that was rough
  • 5:00 How Amanda got past her anxiety to have a successful nursing journey
  • 10:28 Products Amanda loved
  • 12:12 What is one thing you wish you would have known about breastfeeding
  • 15:20 How to connect with Amanda


“I never touched my breasts.”

“I had him on the birthing stool which is an element of torture.”

“My nipples didn’t naturally pop out. I had to train them to pop out with a nipple shield.”

“Nursing induced a lot of anxiety for me. My baby is crying and I want to feed him.”

“It was a really rough start because I felt like I had an anxiety attach every 45 minutes when he wanted to feed.”

“We are going to have a lot of feelings after baby comes.”

“I had been given a blessing and I worked through my anxiety for my baby.”

“It (breastfeeding) did feel like a lonely experience.”

“I brought all of those anxious feelings into my second birth.”

“Why are you bring past experiences into a future you don’t know anything about.”

“I looked like postpartum Ariel on the coach with cabbage on my breast.”

“I wish I would have taken a breastfeeding class before I had my first baby.”


Connect with Amanda


Instagram: @athomeschoolcoachingmama

Schedule a 15 minute call with Amanda: https://bit.ly/connectcall15min

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