Bethany sits down one-on-one with Mamas to hear their unique breastfeeding journeys. From breastfeeding NICU babies to overcoming challenges such as tongue-tied babies and low milk supply, each story is different and explores a variety of topics related to breastfeeding.  You also hear from experts about sleep, fertility, and other breastfeeding experts.

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"Older women said, we've always known that what you eat has an impact on your baby."

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Bethany Lovern

"No one ever has mentioned that there would be any issues regarding breastfeeding."

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I am a Mama of 2 boys. My second son was born with a tongue tie that nobody caught at the hospital. I went home with a baby that was clicking while nursing and popping off my breast often. He could not get a deep latch. He snored every night, waking me up multiple times a night. Constantly, he was spitting up all the time and hiccuping in between all feedings. I was so tired with engorged breasts and feeding my baby every hour. However, I knew this was not normal because my first baby did not have any of these problems.

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