Sensitivity to Food (with Shiloh) Episode 7

Bethany Lovern

May 25, 2023

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In this episode, Shiloh and Bethany discussed the challenges of sensitivity to food, breastfeeding, including mastitis, and Shiloh shared tips on how to manage it.  Shiloh recommended using an oversized lazy boy chair for breastfeeding and comfort during recovery.

About Shiloh

 Shiloh Minor is a happily married woman and  Mom of 2 wild boys. She is a love and marriage coach for women by trade and a granola crunchy rural sauna enthusiast by hobby. She is an Enneagram 7, ENFJ who enjoys the inner adventure of spiritual and emotional growth.


  • 0:00 Introduction of the podcast
  • 0:18 Shiloh tells us about herself and kiddos
  • :40 Talks about her breastfeeding journey
  • 1:40 How did you figure out your babies food sensitivity
  • 4:50 What helped facilitate your breastfeeding being so easy with your first baby
  • 8:30 Her favorite product was an oversized lazy boy chair
  • 10:20 Shiloh wished she would have known about mastitis


“Drink lots of water and yoga.” 

“What you eats will impact your breastmilk.”

“Before baby, I would have never stuck to a 30 days cleanse.”

“In Canada, we get 9-18 months for maternity leave.”


Connect with Shiloh

Instagram: @Shilohthelovecoach

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