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Two Different Journeys (with Scharla): Episode 2

Bethany Lovern

April 27, 2023

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In this episode, I have my good friend Scharla Flynn.  She talks about her two very different breastfeeding journeys with her two children where she found out later her son had a tongue-tie.

About Scharla

Hei! I’m Scharla and I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and children. We enjoy outdoor adventures and living between two great lakes with plenty of green space allows some room to roam. Because of the extraordinary times, we switched gears and are taking some uncommon roads. It reunited me with an old love – the written word. We picked up a new hobby too (sailing) and reunited with another old love – water. I’m so happy when I’m out there on the water. I find it peaceful. It’s a great place to clear my head, write and work!


  • 0:00-0:18 Introduction of the podcast
  • 0:18-1:30 Tells about herself and her children.
  • 1:30-4:38 Tells about her breastfeeding journey with her children.
  • 4:38-10:05 What is one thing you wish you would have known about breastfeeding.
  • 10:05-11:15 What was your favorite breastfeeding tool.
  • 11:15-13:05 Nursing rooms can be found everywhere: airports, children’s museums, ball parks (Cubs, Reds)
  • 13:05- Final Thoughts


  • “No one ever has mentioned that there would be any issues regarding breastfeeding.”
  • “How did you get support on your journey?” “Dr. Google.”


Connect with Scharla Flynn:

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